Also automated are the Appendix incorporating Forms & Precedents (eDiscoveryCheck List/Questionnair; Sample Interrogatories; Letter Sent to Client with Interrogatories; LegalHolds and Preservation Letters Template; letter to the Client and Opponent; Preservation Letter for Web Host/Provider/ISP, Application (Request) and Affidavit For Search Warrant; Grant Of Warrant To Search; Search Warrant; Officer’s Return; Certificate of Authenticity Submitted in Response to the Subpoena), The Evidence Act, 2011; CBN Guidelines on Electronic Banking in Nigeria April 2016, ACPO Good Practice Guide, New Edition of the Sedona Canada Principles for E-Discovery,The Sedona Canada Principles Addressing Electronic Discovery, Cybercrimes (Prohibition, Prevention, Etc) Act, 2015, Freedom of Information Act, 2011, British Columbia Practice Direction, UK Practice Direction 31B – Disclosure of Electronic Documents, Glossary etc.