About The Book

What can lawyers and judges do to take advantage of the potential knowledge inherent in digital data to streamline the pre-trial and trial processes? What guidance can judges give to the bar in formulating rules and protocols for the exchange and handling of electronic evidence? What gaps exist in the current legal education curriculum and what changes need to be made so that law students are fully equipped to succeed in an ever-evolving digital work environment? Read_More

About The Author

Emeka Arinze Esq. LL..B (Hons), B.L, LL.M, M.I.T (Info-Tech), CBSP, DEA, CCI, CFP

Emeka Arinze Esq., is the first Nigerian lawyer to be dual qualified in Law and Forensic Technology. Called to Nigerian bar in 1983, he holds a Master’s degree (LL.M) in law of the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a Master’s degree in Information Technology (with emphasis on forensic technology) of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Read_More

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To become a member in the Online Training Portal, you must have a copy of the book. The book comes with a unique serial number which is required upon registration into the Online Training Portal. Once you have your copy of the book you can use the serial number along with a valid email address to register. Read More

Access to Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice in Nigeria @ www.godigital.ng

In today's eWorld, books are beginning to gain wider interest with the introduction of portable electronic reading devices and software-based readers that provide users with more realistic book reading and research experiences. In compliance with the 21st century workplace for the bar and the bench, this book is conceived as a digital tool and confined to a learning environment with an application for managing digital evidence, digital investigation and eDiscovery law practice in our law courts. To appreciate the technical content of the book and the dynamics of the present-day work place for the bar and the bench, we have evolved an electronic platform for electronic access to the various indexes, the bar and the bench forum, eDocument work place, etc. We have also incorporated online training portal for the bar and the bench, where so desirable, and are all outlined herein.

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